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metal tile roofing

  • Metal Roofing Tile
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    Metal Roofing Tile

    Now steel fashion has the most advanced light steel structure&manufacturing production lines,with metal roofing installation..etc
  • Stone Coated Roofing Tile
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    Stone Coated Roofing Tile

    stone coated steel roof is unbelievable light roofing system that can enhance the look of your roof with its elegant design and great color range. It is designed and manufactured to withstand all kinds of severe weather such as extremely hot and cold weather, strong wind, and heavy rain. The stone coated steel roof can protect your home against all the destructive forces of nature because the tiles are designed to overlap and interlock into a horizontal fix system. The fastenings of the horizontal fix system are done at right angles, thus, creating a roof structure of superior strength that is strong enough to resist hurricane force wind, heavy snow fall, and earthquakes. The granulated stone chips on the surface give additional weather protection to your roof.
  • Antique Roofing Tile
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    Antique Roofing Tile

    Antique Roofing Tile is made of galvanized steel plate after rolled cold bending forming, floor deck section into a v-shaped, u-shaped, trapezoid or similar this several kinds of the shape of the waveform, mainly used for permanent template, can also be selected for any other purpose. Such corrugated metal is widely used in power plant, electric power equipment company, car showrooms, steel structure workshop, cement, steel structure warehouse office, airport terminals and other steel structure building.