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  • Customized Prefabricated Container Houses

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    Customized Prefabricated Container Houses

    Prefabricated container house is designed by customer's idea,and made by shipping container.The complete house is issemble by containers with different function. Such kind of house is easy to setup,convient movement and good cost performace.

  • Movable Container Coffee Shop

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    Movable Container Coffee Shop

    The container shop is movable as a whole unity.This kind of container house is reusable usually as offices/shop in domestic areas other than as habitable houses. Using a kind of modulus design,with security nets,doors and floor tile,its firm and safe. Cabinet unit structure for the introduction of steel and cold-formed steel welded together to make up standard components. The house can be designed just as just one unit or connected to a whole from several boxes, by simple connection such as bolts. Easy to assemble. Container house has a wide range of applications. It can be used in temporary construction site, commercial industry, civil, military and other fields.

  • Expandable Container House

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    Expandable Container House

    Expandable container house is concept of foldable container house, is a kind of container-structure prefab house. Usually this house is formed by container-size unit and can be grouped flexibly. It is standard designed, industrialized produced and with long life span. It can be fast installed...

  • ​light Steel Frame Project In UK

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    ​light Steel Frame Project In UK

    light steel frame project in UK Steelfashion just started a new l ight steel frame project in UK.The project is a 2 stairs LSF house(120 sqm),which is bulit in Waterford,UK. Today is the first day of commission and our engineers pasted the HSE and safety instruction in the industrial zone.

  • Low Price Flatpack Container House

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    Low Price Flatpack Container House

    There is no on-site fabrication there is less mess. This can be especially important in areas where dust and debris could interfere with sensitive manufacturing operations. on average you can anticipite 80% time saving when using our modular design to construct your ideal room. Unit Price : $ 2500.00 - USD3000.00/set Warranty: limited warranty for 5 years after the building framed out. Lifespan: 10 years under severe environment Delivery time: 10-15 days after deposit received Installation: engineer can be sent on site for guidence. Drawings & video will be provided for free.

  • 20GP Shipping Container Houses

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    20GP Shipping Container Houses

    20 feet container house is same size with a standard shipping container,it is easy to ship by sea.The container house can be easily setup at anywhere you want.A coffee shop beside the road,a motel around highway,a temporary office onsite,a gift shop in a yard..etc

  • Customized Shipping Container Hotel

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    Customized Shipping Container Hotel

    Shipping container home is rebuild from standard shipping containers.Hot trend of home delivery container fulfill the wishes of many designs. It can be easily setup at anywhere you want.A coffee shop beside the road,a motel around highway,a temporary office onsite,a gift shop in a yard..etc