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Prefabricated Houses

Steelfashion Industrial,engages in prodction,design,installation,is a professional manufacturer of prefabricated house.Our products are widely used in dormitory building、office、hospital..etc.

Product Details

Shanghai Steelfashion is Movable Container Coffee Shop manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of container shop. 

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Prefabricated Houses

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prefab houses

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prefab homes

Product Features and Advantages

Prefabricated houses is professional design, production, standardization, modularization, generalization and easy to demolition, installation is convenient, convenient transportation, storage, can be used repeatedly, the turnover of temporary or permanent quality housing.

Prefab home of the field construction of the building, installation period is 10%~30% of traditional construction mode.prefab house quality more fine,has realized the traditional construction mode cm error to factory manufacturing millimeter level and becoming popular allover the world.

Prefab housing is light weight,wetland less homework, short time limit.Building thermal performance is good;wall panel is to use heat insulation foam color steel sandwich panels.And building materials used in the most recyclable degradation, low cost, is the green house.Brick mix structure are especially not environmental protection, a lot of use clay, ecological damage reduced the arable land, therefore, integrated housing in the breakthrough of science and technology and application, will be a long term, will change the traditional construction mode, makes the human living costs become smaller, living environment better.Can make significant effect on the environmental protection.

Single Storey Prefabricated houses

Double Storey Prefabricated housesAffordable Prefab Housing Low Income
Single Storey Prefabricated housesDouble Storey Prefabricated housesAffordable Prefab Housing Low Income

Product Modules

structure system, ground system, floor system, wall system, roofing system..etc

Product Types

color steel prefabricated house:

The site with prefabricated housing is also a kind of prefab housing,color steel trailer:use C steel,h-beam welding skeleton,wall panel and roof panel using insulation color steel sandwich panels, of simple houses that have been assembled.

light steel prefabricated house:

Light steel prefabricated house has very good heat preservation performance, because his design is safe and livable oriented, itself contains thermal insulation layer and insulating layer, prevent heat bridge phenomenon, the room is very warm in winter, summer is very cool, really warm in winter and cool in summer.In most of the region can basically do not a stove in winter, summer without air conditioning.

timber prefabricated house:

Wood structure bearing component adopts the wood or the production of single layer or multi-layer wood logs.Wooden house warm in winter and cool in summer, tide moisture resistance, strong sex not only, also contains rich culture breath, simple and elegant.

Application field

widely used in:Motel,hotel,vocation village,hospital,dormitory,Cheap rental housing house,safeguarded house by government,construction site temporary office,traffic, water conservancy, oil and gas,and other large buildings for construction field exploration and field operations;City office, civil placement, exhibition and other temporary housing;Tourism leisure villa, vacation homes;By the earthquake relief and the military field.

Why Choose us

Shanghai Steelfashion is an comprehensive joint-stock enterprise,whose subordinate is Shanghai Changjia Caigang Sandwich board Co.,ltd(materials manufacturing) and Shanghai Gongze steel structure Co.,ltd(project installation).

Afrer years of development,the company now covers and area of more than 32000 m2,with more than 20000 m2 production plant,metal processing capacity of 30000 tons.3 production lines for our prefabricated house series;

2 production lines for our light-steel structure house series;1 production line for our light-steel villa series;

2 production lines for our container house series.

We have over 200 employee from 7 departments such as production(85),engineering(50),design(20),sales(20),after sales(10),administration(35)..etc

Steelfashion can supply low cost prefabricated houses,middle class and high standard house to different countries.

Steelfashion’s customer overs mainland,and product exports over 10 countries and areas.

For each order, we strictly according to iso9001 system is carried out.Inquiry, the figure, the contract is signed, material procurement, product delivery and after-sales service.

Company show

Prefabricated Houses manufacture

Prefabricated Houses manufacture

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prefab houses suppliers

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prefab homes factory

Our company exports Movable Container , container shop, movable shop to Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Latin America, Europe, etc. We have a good name for quality Movable Container Coffee Shop with reasonable price.

Our Shanghai Steelfashion Industrial Co.,ltd is a prefabricated house manufacturers in china but not only for prefabricated house but also color steel prefab house,light steel building,steel structure warehouse and other building materials.Our prefabricated house on sales now,please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any kind of our products.

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